All Comedy Clubs and Performing Arts

Mountain View Center of Performing Arts


Comedy House

Caddywompus Corner

Newark Performing Arts

ASU Gammage

Connecticut Academy-Performing Arts

The Water Tower Pavilion

Lantern Cafe

Broadway Rose Theatre Company


Deeds Lounge

Butler’s Gas Cloud

Stew Jack’s

The Dungeon

Harand Academy of the Arts

American Musical and Dramatic Academy

The Laughing Derby

The Yannis Pappas Show


Holiday House

Tiki Bar @ Live Bait

Town Park

Pennsylvania Performing Arts

Anchorage Classical Ballet Academy

Ninkasi’s Goatlocker

2nd Verse

Warsaw Community High School Performing Arts Center

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp


Mynt Nightclub

indian central

Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center

area 45

Dallas Theater and Civic Center

Art House North

The Alphabet Game

The Manor At Glen Eden Lakes

Nita’s Play Place

CYT Costume Shop


Rebecca Cherry Musician

Performing Arts Center

August Wilson Theatre

Autumncrest Manor

Town Hall

Circus Arts United, the Epicenter


Concord City Auditorium (Audi)

Jim Carreys Comedy Club

Bones Lair

Mob Wives

Sofa Of Recline

Casa Del Tippens

Jerry’s Old Playground

Lala Land

Emory Performing Arts Studio (PAS)

Ledzian @ Waukeshua

Macys Tree

Great Neck Parks Presents at North High Auditorium

Love’s Rainebow

Villanova Room

Mraz Center For The Performing Arts

Cafe And Thensome

A O.K. Comedy


The Chair


The Watering Hole

Augusta Comedy Zone

Mamanita HOUSE

51 Main

The Patio

Mississippi Room

Cirque Du Soleil – Alegria

Roman Playhouse

Princess Melanie’s Palace

[miscellany] studios

Jimnanigans, Cape Coral, Fl

TITAS Presents

Park Avenue Armory (Seventh Regiment Armory)

Ultra Sound Rehearsal Studio

Prainha Caraguatatuba

Resistor Chicago

Vermontville Opera House

Giggle Box

The Terrace Lounge


She & Her Productions

Johnson County Market Square

Sloppy Swish @ The Mile High Flea Market

Kim And Garys

The Theater at Cape Henlopen High School

woodmen valley gymnasium

Sams Slippery Slope

Dobyns Bennett Music Building